Colonoscopy Bowel Preparation

Dayton Gastro doctors use a variety of preparations depending on individual patient medical history, risk factors, personal preference, and other factors. When your procedure is scheduled, the scheduler will review your medical history and select the bowel preparation best suited for you.

Various factors make a colonoscopy successful, including: the physician’s technical ability, the patient’s cooperation, and the bowel preparation. Research shows that patient bowel preparation is especially important.

While there are many different bowel preps, please follow the instructions for the preparation that your doctor has chosen for you. Preparing for your colonoscopy with a different prep could cause you to have an incomplete bowel preparation or serious health side effects.

Preparing for Your Colonoscopy: MiraLax Split Preparation

Preparing for Your Colonoscopy: Colyte Split Preparation

If you have any questions regarding which preparation has been selected for you, please feel free to call us at 937-320-5055 or send a message through the Patient Portal.

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